Monday, May 18, 2009

Sneak Peek...

I'm going to add these bears to my shop later today.

I have the next four days off, so you now what that means... I will be crocheting in overdrive. I'll have to go to the store and get a few more craft supplies. I'm thinking about getting eyes and noses for my animals...the plastic ones... hmm... still thinking about it. I think it would make them even cuter but then they won't be safe for pets or babies... hmmm..... well I might try it. It doesn't hurt to try, right??


  1. These look sweet!

    Hmm, i would say that not having eyes and noses etc is what makes your items so different and unique to you and your shop. Even though they dont have these things, i feel they still have a lot of character :)

  2. Thanks!!

    I was thinking the same thing. I like my animals and creatures without eyes, noses, and mouths.

    hmmmm... I might have to think about it some more.

    Thanks for your advice and input!! :)