Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gray Elephant...

I just finished this little guy last night and I added him to my shop. If you haven't noticed I like making very colorful animals... green cat, yellow elephant, red hippos, etc. I went outside the box and made a gray elephant. It was very hard... but I did it!! And I have to say he turned out really cute. :)

I went out this morning and bought more yarn.... shhh.... don't tell my hubby... :) I bought some pastel colors. Pink, blue, yellow, green, and cream... I forgot purple.... :( I'm going to make some animals in these colors just for babies. I started making a pink bear.

Other etsy news....

[92 users call seventytwostitches a favorite.] I almost have 100 people that like my shop!! That's exciting!!


  1. He looks very cute :) Glad to see hes on his own in a listing too!

    92?! Geez. You're catching me up and i've been on Etsy over a year now.

    Keep it up!

  2. Love him! So cute. He was on the Front Page of Etsy tonight. I bet he'll get a lot of clicks! Congrats. I hope you've made it to 100 favorites. I just made you a favourite so hopefully that will help!