Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Ultrasound

Here is baby at 12 weeks.

I had an appointment on Tuesday morning. My hubby went with me. We got to hear the baby heart beat, and I had my first ultrasound. Baby and I are doing great! It was truly an amazing moment seeing the baby for the first time, and hearing the baby's heartbeat.

It was a wonderful day.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Current Book I'm reading....

Review from

"Two misfits find common ground and a unique, surreal friendship via unspoken words in Coupland's latest (after JPod), a fine return to form. In the two years since his wife's (nonfatal) cancer was diagnosed, Roger Thorpe has devolved into a dejected, hard-drinking, divorced father and the oldest employee by a fair margin at Staples. A frustrated novelist to boot, Roger considers himself lost, continually haunted by dreams of missed opportunities and a long ago car accident that claimed four friends. His younger, disgruntled goth co-worker, Bethany Twain, one day discovers Roger's diary—filled with mock re-imaginings of her thoughts and feelings—in the break room. She lays down a supreme challenge for them both to write diary entries to each other, but neither is allowed to acknowledge the other around the store. Through exchanged hopes and dreams, customer stories, world views and cautionary revelations (time speeds up in a terrifying manner in your mid-thirties), the pair become intimately acquainted before things unravel for both. Running parallel to the epistolary narrative are chapters from Roger's novel, Glove Pond, which begins having much in common with the larger narrative it's enclosed in. Coupland shines, the story is humorous, frenetic, focused and curiously affecting."

Other Books by Douglas Coupland:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've been knitting some dishcloths for my mother in law for her mothers day gift. I'm making a set of 7. I have one down... 6 more to go. I hope I can finish them in time!

Now my dishcloths aren't really fancy. It looks more like a really large gauge swatch. I cast on 35 stitches, and purl every row, for 62 or 64 rows. Using size 6 knitting needles. That's it. It's pretty simple. I've only mastered the purl stitch. Someday I will figure out that darn knit stitch!

Here is the first dishcloth! I finished it in about 2 days.

Here are the other colors I'm going to make.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Green Thumb....

So I'm attempting to grow more flowers this year. Last year I grew three different flowers 2 out of the 3 bloomed. I was thrilled. So I'm going to try it again! I planted them earlier, or shall I say on time according to the package. Last year I planted them a little late, and I think that's why I didn't get any flowers on the third pot.

Here's what I planted:

After I bought the seeds I noticed that one of them was a vine plant. Oops. I guess once that plants starts growing I will have to move it towards the fence. Note to self: read the package, and not look at the pretty picture.

I will update when I see green sprout lings!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Currnet Project for baby...

So here's what I've been working on. It's a cute mobile for baby! This pattern can be found in the latest issue of Crochet Today magazine!

I'm changing the pattern a little bit. I'm separating the sun and the cloud. I put a some eyes and a cute little smile. All I have left to make is the rain drops. I'm hoping I can finish it up this week. I'm thinking about hanging it on the wall, instead of hanging it above the crib. I will post pics when I'm done!

Last week was a little rough. I didn't have internet most of the week, and I was going insane. I still don't have much energy. All I seem to do is eat and sleep. I really just wanted to watch tv, and veg. But thankfully, my iPod saved me! So I caught up on my Planet Money, This American Life, and News podcasts. Thank you iPod!!

I'm also working on a mother's day gift for my mother in law. I'm going to knit some dishcloths for her. I better get busy! I only have a couple weeks left! My plan is to make a set of 7. We'll see if I can get them done!

I've also got a early start on my gardening. I planted some flowers in some Terra cotta pots. I will post pics soon! I'm thinking I planted to early, we've had a couple of nights of frost warnings. But lucky, I can easily move the pots in the garage. I had lots of fun planting flowers last year, so I decided to do it again. Maybe someday, I will be able to plant veggies! I'm starting small...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Keyboard, Baby names, and Fur babies

The "_" key on our keyboard is broken. I thought it wouldn't be so bad until I wanted to type these words: e_ctied, e_hausted, and ne_t. Just to name a few. I thought it was a strange key on the keyboard to go out first. Until I found out that there is a short cut for "cut". You push control and the "_" key. Hmmm.... I never knew that. And this is something that Justin did a lot when he works on his computer programming projects. Justin ordered a new keyboard last week. I'm hoping to get the new keyboard sometime this week.

I've been thinking a lot about baby names the past couple of weeks. I have a girl name picked out, but I'm having a hard time finding a boy name. But I have lots of time to figure it out. The girl name I have picked out is Chloe. I'm not sure on the middle name yet. I'm going to check out a few baby name books at my library. I hope that will help.

The pregnancy is going pretty good so far. I'm now at 10 weeks. I've been really lucky about not having the "morning sickness" Yes, I did get nauseous a few weeks ago. But no throwing up for me! The only thing I've been craving is ice cream. I wonder what I will be craving ne_t. (darn keyboard) So 10 more weeks I can find out if I'm having a boy or a girl!! I can't wait! Justin is coming to my ne_t doc appointment, we might get to hear the babies heartbeat. There will probably be lots of tears during that appointment. Tear of joy, of course.

And to end this blog post... my fur babies.

Ruby made herself a bed in my dish drainer, on top of the refrigerator. Darn cat.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm still here....

I've had so much on my mind lately, that I can't focus on anything. I haven't really crocheted anything in weeks, and that bother me. I'm so close to 100 sales in my Etsy shop!! Don't worry, I'm not giving up! I'm just taking a little break. I blame it on the pregnancy brain...and the hormones.

Speaking of which, I'm 9 weeks along, and my due date is November 9th!