Monday, May 5, 2014


Alright. I have no excuses. I'm just ignoring my blog.

So it's May. May 5th.

I've been on a reading kick lately. Almost every day I'm looking for new books to read. My to-read list is up to 217 books. I have read 31 books so far this year. I set my goal for 42 books. At the rate I'm going, I just might hit the 50 books read mark, or higher. At some point I will list all the books I've read so far. But not today.

What can I say? I love books.

My little etsy shop is hanging in the there. Things have been slow, and there was a point where I just wanted to give up. March/April are the worst months for my shop. My goal for this year is to reach 1,300 sales by the end of the year. I'm currently at 1,116 sales. It may seem impossible now, but once the holiday season arrives, I don't think I will have any problems. 

Well, that's it. Until next time...