Monday, November 30, 2009

To go... Or not to go?

DTDL Crafters

When: Tue, December 1, 3pm – 4pm
Where: Lissa K. McLean Room
Description: Join Adult Services staff member Claudia in the McLean Room for an hour of conversation, knitting, and other handcrafting projects. All are welcome, please bring your own supplies.

I'm thinking about going to this tomorrow. It's at my local library. Delta Township District Library (DTDL) But, I'm a nervous about it.... I have a feeling I will be the only person there that's under 30. I can picture myself now: Hanging out with women 50 and over, knitting and crocheting, talking about their health problems. Not really my cup of tea.... but I'm going to need some adult interaction....


Why is it so hard to make new friends?


  1. I don't think there will be no gals under 30 or just over 30, no way! You should go. Well, if you are not sure, go and get a chair close to the door :)

  2. Oh man, if I didn't have the kiddos I would so join you!!! Maybe I can convince my mom to take the kiddies!!

  3. That would be cool! It's really hard for me to meet new people. I wish I wasn't so shy. I'm going to suck it up, and go. We'll see how it goes.

  4. I got my mom to take one, but still had one. How'd it go!!! I would love to go and see what everyone is working on!!!!