Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Returning customer and Sale #28!!!

I had my first returning customer today!!!


I sold my hippos!! They're going to New York!

So here's the list I made for myself yesterday.

Leg warmers - X
Christmas items
Pears - X
Apples - X
Cat toys

I'm tackling my to-make-list. I finished up another set of apples and I just added them to the shop. I also finished another set of the pears. Hooray!!! I love making lists and crossing stuff out when it's done! And for the leg warmers, well I didn't finish them, but I'm halfway done with leg warmer #1! So I thought that counts for something! I started working on them last night while the hubby and I watched Arrested Development. I just discovered this show about a week ago and I love it. Too bad they canceled it. But with the help of hulu.com, we can watch old episodes. I don't have cable, or broadcast TV. This might come as a shock to most people. When I tell people this they say "Really?!?!" "I can't live without my tv/cable." As long as I have my crochet hooks and yarn, I will be okay. It's been about a year without tv, and I don't miss it. I get my TV fix from hulu.com and netflixs.

Anyway, I'm not starting the blanket until I finish the leg warmers. And I will start working on the Christmas items. I'm hoping that tomorrow I can finish the snowman.

So as you can see, I'm still crocheting up a storm!!!

I'm off to crochet!!! :)


  1. Sweet!! Whoa..you are crocheting up a storm!!! I have been on the same hat all week.