Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Christmas item added!!!


Check him out here.

I made a discovery yesterday. I heard from an Etys Admin, that Christmas items should be added now... I was really surprised. I like to celebrate one holiday at a time. But I don't want to be left behind either. So this year I will experiment and add different holiday items together. I'm hoping this doesn't turn people away from my shop. This is my first holiday season on Etsy... not sure what to do... Stock up? Renew all items daily? Or keep doing what I'm doing?

Does anyone have any tips??

So I'm feeling a little behind. I just finished Santa last night. I'm going to work on a hoilday penguin next. I also have to make another apple set.

It's time to start crocheting in overdrive!!


  1. I don't... believe... it's time... to put... Christmas stuff! I just DON'T BELIEVE! I can't get rid of Thanksgiving!!! *panic, hyperventilating, spilling coffee on a keyboard*

  2. I feel the same way.... I was going to wait and put my Christmas items in my shop in November. But apparently, that's way to late... oh, well.