Monday, September 21, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like.......

I hate to say it....



First picture is a sneak peek of the snowman. The second picture doesn't look very Christmas-like, but it's the head of Santa. I'm working on his body now.

I can't believe I'm crocheting Santa right now... but Christmas will be here before you know it!!

Today I'm re-claiming my yarn stash. It's gotten the better of me these past couple of months. I have yarn upstairs, I have yarn in the living room, I have yarn in the bedroom, I have yarn in the closet. I need to get organized!!! I'm going to group up all my skeins and force them to be friends, and live in one container.... hmmmm.... maybe 2 containers. Or at least all in one room. I also have to cat proof it, that means containers with lids. I'm tired of trying to remember... "Where I put that green skein of yarn?" Upstairs? Closet? Bedroom? So I'm taking a break from Santa, and off organizing my yarn stash!! Wish me luck!!!

Also... Today is my Dad's Birthday!! Happy Birthday D!!!

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  1. True, Christmas is coming right at us! I just got two christmas cards orders....

    Snowman is really cute you should make a whole stash of them because they will fly from the shelf I am sure.

    Grats on your father's B-day, have a good party with your family! :)