Thursday, September 19, 2013

Busy Beaver...

I've been really busy with.... life.

My husband and I went on our second honeymoon last week. It was awesome. It was nice to have some "us" time and not have to change any diapers. We took lots of walks and rode bikes. Oh... and lots, o lots, of FUDGE. 

I've also started making Christmas presents. My etsy shop can get very busy during the holiday season, so I like to plan ahead. Plus, making gifts also take time. I made my dad some slippers, and my mom, and mother in law, dish cloths. I hope to have the rest of my Christmas shopping done by the end of October. Then I will wrap everything while listening to Christmas music in December. Go ahead, hate me.

Still reading whenever I get the chance. I'm reading the second Game of Thrones book, A Clash of Kings. So far so good. We finished watching Game of Thrones season 1 last night. I want to finishing reading book 2 before we watch season 2.

And here's a picture of my girls, Sippy cups and Sesame Street. Too precious. 

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