Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Warning... Complaining ahead...

Alright. I have to complain a little here. No one reads this blog anyway.

So I've been selling on Etsy for 4 years now. And I'm at 876 sales. That's about 219 sales a year. That's good. I'm proud of that. But the last couple years have sucked big time. I'm starting to think that my shop is crap, and I want to quit. I want to put all my items in a huge pile and burn it. Yep. Burn it.

I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Are my prices to high? Shipping costs outrageous? Ugly photos? What is it????? I renew often, and I've added a ton of new things the past year. What else can I do?

I see shops that sell 2-3 items a DAY. And I'm extremely jealous. How do I get that much traffic in my shop? I've been around a while. I just don't know what it is....

... and it's driving me bananas.

I just want to quit.... But I won't. Because I'm not a quitter.

The End.


  1. Hi there! New to your blog and a fellow crochet artist. Just wanted to say don't give up! Etsy sales are notably slower in the past year. I've had quite a few conversations with other sellers about how they're selling more on Facebook (gasp!) than etsy these day.

    You offer cute products. The world needs cute. So stick with it! As long as it makes you happy ;)