Sunday, January 22, 2012

Exciting News!

I'm pregnant!

I found this news out on New Years Eve. There's no official due date yet. But I'm guessing late August/early September! My next doc appointment is on Thursday, so I will find out the due date then!

I'm about baby #2 arriving, but at the same time I'm really nervous.

Will I lose my sanity?

Will I still have time to crochet?

Will I have to close my Etsy shop?

Will I ever sleep again?

Sooooo many questions....


  1. Aww Congratulations!!! Hey I have seven kids so if I can find time to crochet I'm sure you will too :) Will you lose your sanity? At times you will but crocheting will give it back to you :)
    Don't close your Etsy shop. You have a lot of great things to sell. As for Sleep I haven't slept a good 8 hours in 25 years and I'm still alive lol

  2. Thanks! I don't want to close my shop either. I'm sure I will find time, if not, I will make time. Sooner or later, the kids can play together so I can crochet! :)