Monday, November 9, 2009

Making a list...

I have a lot to do this hoilday season, and I hope I didn't put to much on myself. I'm making a lot of Christmas gifts this year. I like handmade gifts so much better than store bought gifts. So here's my list of things to make:

A pair of gray slippers

Snowman, smaller version

Family gift exchange:
Santa, Penguin, or Reindeer. (or a combo)

Also my mom want to buy 2 of my reindeer for gifts.

So as you can see I have a pretty big list ahead of me. I keep thinking, "I have lots of time." but it will be Thanksgiving in about 2 weeks. That's crazy!! I should get started on this list, the sooner the better.

Right now I feel like I'm working in a fast food joint. I'm making a huge batch of cheese burgers. 6 total. 4 cheese burger rattles, and 2 cheeseburger Christmas ornaments.

I think after the I'm done making the cheese burgers I will to start working on my Christmas gifts.

So much to do! So little time!

*Special Announcement*

I have decided to quit my job, for real this time. My last day will be December 4. I will be putting in my 2 weeks notice next week! Wow! This month went by fast!! Happy and sad at the same time... love the people, hate the work. It's time I do something that makes me happy.

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