Friday, October 9, 2009

To quit? or Not to quit? That is the question...

I'm a little bored at the moment. Still groggy from working last night. I should be crocheting, but my right wrist is bothering me. It started hurting last night. I pretty much wore the wrist support all night. :( So I'm taking a little break., and I'm hoping and I get back to crocheting tomorrow, or this weekend.

So I'm really thinking about quitting my job. I only work 2 days a week. It's mostly to "get out of the house once in a while" type of job. I work 9p-5am Thursdays and Fridays (It was Fridays and Saturdays). I'm finding it hard to sleep, and my body doesn't like the wacky schedule. There are 2 co-workers that work with me, and they are awesome people. One of them is moving to Arkansas in December. I really work well with these people. They're fun to hang out with too. I'm afraid if I quit, I will never see them again, or talk with them. I'm mostly staying there for these two people.

I just feel like I need to move on, and doing something else. Start a new chapter in my life. Maybe it's just the mid-life crisis talking. But I need to do something different.

I could always focus more on my Etsy shop. I really enjoy Etsy. People there are so nice. I don't make enough money on Etsy as I do with my retail job, but with my husband's income, I think we would be just fine.

And then there's the issue of being alone. I'm not sure if I can handle staying at home all the time. But I stay home by myself on my days off, and I don't have a problem. But I'm afraid that once I quit, I will reget it. But maybe I won't.

I'm thinking that my last day will be on the 14th, or 20th of Novemeber. I've been thinking about it a lot these past few months. Maybe I should sit down and write out a pros and cons list. Maybe that would help.

I just don't know what to do...

Well, Sorry for this depressing blog post. I just have a lot on my mind right now, and I'm just trying to gather my thoughts and figure things out.


  1. You've posted in the right place. i love getting into peoples business.
    I am the queen of rampaging out of jobs, and understand getting bored at work, but i also know that life without schedule can get a bit monotonous too.
    I would say to proceed with the pro/con list, and also come up with a list of alternatives to replace said job.
    In the end it is a totally personal decision, but a 2 day a wk outing with social benefits has its upsides to be weighed.
    Love ya and good luck in your early/mid-life adventure!!!

  2. Well I can say there are always going to be What If's and Regrets, making a list can be really helpful. Your post is not depressing at all. As for the being alone you are use to staying home for 5 days whats 2 more. Maybe you can try and take the time to get together with your 2 co-workers Before one of them moves. That way you can keep the lines of communication open. I hope you have peace with what ever choice you make.

  3. Wow, I was in exactly the same situation in May. I used to work in retail three days a week, it was mostly to get out of the house job, and co-workers whom I liked started to move on and leaving the place, which made me feel abandoned. The differenses were: I actually hated my job with passion at the end of it and I didn't make any money on Etsy (still don't). So it's like one additional "+" and one "-" for quitting. I finally decided after my husbend said to me: "You can always find another stupid part-time job, but why don't you try to do what you like for a change?" So I quit. NEVER regreted it.

  4. Hey!! You could always replace the socialness with some local art classes!!!

  5. 9pm to 5am!? I read it and assumed you meant 9-5pm. Oh man....that's a huge freaking con!!!
    Get the friends' numbers and get the one that's gonna be in town to consider transitioning with you, or join classes/ activities. I find it nice to have a little bit of structure and outing, because I do get cabin-fever quite easily. I also tend to put a lot of my own personality into other peoples' issues, so take this with a grain of danielley salt... love ya!! Good luck!!
    Do what makes you happy!!!!!!

  6. I want to thank everyone for their 2 cents and all the wonderful comments! To quit, or not to quit, Part 2 will be arriving soon.