Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Furry Friends...

I'm sure I have posted these pictures before, but these are my favorite pics of my cats. The tan/buff colored cat is Chester. He's very playful, and loves to run, he will be your friend for life if you dangle a piece of sting in front of him. The multi colored cat is Ruby. She loves to sleep, purr, she will love you forever if you pet her, beg for treats, and on occasion, chase Chester around the house.

I love my cats.

Just for fun, I added a new poll. Don't forget to vote! My other poll closed yesterday (What color Elephant should I make next?). There was no official winner. It was a tie between Pink and Yellow. I guess I will have to make them both!!!


  1. Prrrrr... I love cats! Do they have their beds in the boxes? Mine used to sleep BEHIND the radiator - it was difficult to understand first how he managed to squeese there and second - wasn't it really really hot? Amaising creatures.

  2. My cats sleep everywhere... except the beds that we bought them. Silly cats. :P

  3. aww that last pic is to cute! I love cats. I have two myself. They are so loveable!