Wednesday, September 9, 2009

100th Blog Entry!!!!

... and I'm don't have anything exciting to write about. :(

I'm working on another set of red, blue, and yellow hippos. I'm working on the last one, the yellow hippo. I have all his body parts made, ears, legs, and tail. Now I'm working on his body. I should be able to finish him up today.

I also made a list of Christmas items to make. I'm going to get start tomorrow, or this evening. Depending on when I finish the hippos. I want to start on my new projects, but I really need to finish my old/current projects. I guess it's a good thing. I'm having a hard time getting myself to crochet a snowman when it's 75 degrees outside and sunny.

Here's my list so far:

* Snowman
* Santa
* Reindeer/Rudolph
* Holiday Penguin
* Christmas Trees
* Christmas Ornaments

Do you have any ideas??? Let me know!! I would love to hear what you come up with!!

3 skeins and counting... I need three more skeins of yarn then I will have all the yarn I need to make this:

But I guess that's a good thing. I don't need to start any new projects. Must finish current ones first!! But my hands are itching to crochet this blanket... But be strong!!! Must Resist!!!


  1. Yay!!! 100!!! Love the Christmas ideas!! The only thing i can think of is a turkey for thanksgiving!?

  2. Funny you mention that....I have a turkey!!! I made a prototype for the kitties. I just have to make one for the shop!!! :)

  3. Congrats on 100 sales. What about candy canes or bells. What about an elf? What about a north pole sign? What about a christmas present.

    The christmas tree will be so cute I bet!

    Hee hee...I have no idea if any of these are possible for crocheting but I'm just throwing ideas out.

    Can't wait to see your Christmas items!

  4. Thanks for the ideas!!! I have thought about candy canes!!