Friday, August 21, 2009

A Tribute to Big Red...

When life give you lemons, hopefully you have water and sugar.

Before: May 5, 2002

(As I look back at these photos... I realized, I had a bad camera, sorry for blurry pic

After: August 21, 2009

In life news, I have to say good bye to my old and fateful friend, "Big Red" He was an awesome little burgundy car. We've traveled 41,000 miles together. He was my first car. He knows how bad I sing, what kind of colorful language comes out of my mouth, and has seen my middle finger more times than the normal human. I bought him in '02. He was born in 1995, which means I have had him about half of his life. I saved all my baby sitting money, and saved every penny I made working at McDonald's to buy him. And it took about 3 years to do it. He was with me at graduation, prom, my wedding, my first apartment, my second apartment, and my first house. We've had some good times together, and some bad times too. Good bye Big Red, you will be sorely missed.

Big Red had a injury on Friday the 14th. This injury is going to cost more money than we are willing to pay for. So off car shopping we go. We found a car, and are getting closer to putting it in our garage. Possibly tomorrow.

In crafty news, You might have noticed not many "new" items going in my esty shop recently. Well to tell you the truth, I've been gearing up for Halloween. The word "Halloween" might make a few of you gag, but I've been making things like crazy! So please be patient with me. I am still crocheting like a madwoman. I plan on adding my Halloween items in September.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your car. Isn't it funny how we get attached to them? I once had to say goodbye to a red car as well as a green one (that one was the hardest but it would stale everytime it rained, stupid thing) and a gold Jetta that was a total lemon. I was happy to see that one go!

    Good luck with your new purchase! Can't wait to see your Halloween items.