Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mini Me.....

So you've all meet Mr. Crab.

Last night as I was crocheting a red apple, I had a thought. I could make a mini Mr. Crab!!! Too bad I had this vision around 10pm last night, and I was getting sleepy. So today I started crocheting the mini crab and I am almost finished!! I have to make 3 more legs and then sew all eight legs to the body and I will be done. This is my own pattern, and I'm pretty proud of it (pats self on back)

Now this mini crab has eyes. I normally don't make my creations with eyes but I've decided that this one is for me. Since it has a few flaws in it. I might make one without eyes to see what it looks like. Either way, you will soon see a mini crab in my etsy shop!

I'm hoping to finish it tonight and then post pics tomorrow!! So come back and take a look!!!

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