Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Growing like weeds....

Update on my flowers:


  1. Awesome! They look way better than mine which are growing in the opposite direction and should be dead soon. I don't know what I'm doing wrong! haha!

    Thanks so much for adding me to your blog roll and Girl Indie too! I really apprecaite it! Glad you like our posts.

  2. You're Welcome!!

    Sorry to hear that your plants aren't doing well. :( My only secret is water and Miracle Grow potting soil. :)

  3. Water eh? Hm...I might have to try that. haha. Seriously I always forget to water. I'm sure that's my issue.

    We planted 2 yellow merigolds and 2 orange merigolds in our pot on the front step and both orange ones died but the yellow is still hanging in there. Weird! I'm no good with plants that's for sure!

    I might have to try Miracle Grow next time. Thanks for the help! :)