Monday, June 29, 2009

Going on Vacation...soon...

With that said, there hasn't been a whole lot of crocheting going on around here. I'm trying to get caught up on cleaning, laundry, and errands before we hit the road.

I'm feeling a bit weird today, because I have to work tonight. I usually work Friday and Saturday nights... And for some funny reason it feels like a Sunday, even though the hubby is at work. My biological clock is way off... and it hasn't been right since I started working the overnight shifts.

I'm taking my hook and yarn with me while I'm on vacation. I'm not sure how much time I will have to work on things. My goal is to make one amigurumi creation. But we will see. I plan on doing a lot of reading, and hanging out with the in-law family. But I can always crochet and visit with them. I'm talented like that. :)

There won't be any TV's or computers where I will be going. I might go through blogger, facebook, and etsy, withdrawals... Not having TV's doesn't really matter to me... I have a TV, but no channels. It's used mostly for watching DVD's and for the hubby to play his video games.

I haven't worked on the crab since my little incident. I'm going to leave the crab at home, it's getting way to big to carry around. I might bring the pattern with me and see if I can re-write it.

Well my next blog might be on Wednesday (but don't hold me to that)... and that will probably be my last blog until July 13... maybe sooner... but don't hold me to that either. :)

See you all later!!!

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