Monday, June 8, 2009


I was crocheting my giant crab this afternoon, finished the current row I was on. And decided to take a power nap... well my power nap ended up being 2 hours... oops... I guess I was really tired. So then I decided to get on the computer and check my email and stuff...and.. I sold 2 items!!! While I was sleeping someone bought 2 of my items!! How cool is that!!! Maybe I should take naps more often. :)

These 2 items are going to.... The NETHERLANDS!!!

I will post picture of the crab in progress soon... I have the top part of his body half done. The rows(rounds) are getting taking a lot longer to do as it gets bigger. The crabs body is 24 inches long. I'm going to work on this crab in between items for my shop. So it might take a few months before I finish it.

Well I'm off to find some yarn and a crochet hook...


  1. Nice!!! I totally zonked yesterday as well. John busted me sleeping on his drive home. Netherlands!!! Cool! I can't wait to see your humongous crab pillow, i have a feeling it will get done sooner than a couple of months, prediction: 2 weeks.

  2. 2 weeks huh.... We'll see. :)