Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things I made.... yesterday...

So there wasn't a whole lot of crocheting going on yesterday. I had a lot of errands to run, and chores that couldn't wait another day. With the time I did have I made this...

It's an EGGPLANT!! I've had this pattern for months and I finally got to it. It turned out really cute. I plan on making one for my cats. But I ran out of purple yarn. I'll have to wait until it comes in the mail.

I also made these:

I made these cute little Thank you cards to go inside my Etsy orders. I used up my last one yesterday so I whipped up a new batch. These were really simple to make. It only took me about a half hour!! I love the colored paper!! It has adhesive on the back!!! So I just cut, peel and stick!!! It's awesome!! And the phase "thank you" was a rubber stamp!! I had a lot of fun making these. I hope I use them up fast so I can make more!! :)

Waiting for this book to come in the mail... hopefully today...


  1. "I've had this pattern for months and I finally got to it."
    ...I'm assuming that means its not a pattern you wrote yourself? I noticed this item is now in your shop. Please be VERY careful when selling items made from other peoples patterns. Most patterns do not allow you to sell items made from them.
    Some do and if that is the case, then please disregard this message! I don't want you getting sued is all!!

    And those notelettes look lovely :)

  2. Yep, I checked into that....I double check the patterns I use to make sure I can sell the products from them in my shop, before I pick up my crochet hook.

    But thanks for the warning!! I don't want to get sued either!!

  3. *phew* Thanks for letting me know! XD I hope i didn't sound patronising at all - I was really worried you know!