Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A day full of rain and crocheting...

Finally I have four days off, so now I can play. One small problem. My wrists have been bothering me all week. I think I have a small case of carpal tunnel syndrome. That means no crocheting. Me?? Sitting at home and NOT crocheting?? This is not good. I took yesterday off to give my hands a break. I also bought some wrist supports, which are helping a ton. Today I'm back in business. I started a new project for my shop. Hopefully by the end of the week I will be adding it to my shop.

I just need to take more breaks more often....

Well my break is over.... back to crocheting.


  1. Just popping by to say hi! Caught your wonderful Hippos on the front page of Etsy today and had to see more! I really love all your creations, modern and yet classic.

    I do hope your wrists get better.


  2. Thanks!!! My wrists are feeling a lot better!!!